Realtor Calendar features designed for u.

Real estate agents ❤️  our features! Built and designed by real estate agents for real estate management automation. 

Features for growth.

Artificial Management

Artificial management or automated time management is designed with the newest technology so you can run your real estate agency on auto-pilot. Managing appointments, making  

phone calls, sending emails, asking questions to qualify is time-consuming. We noticed that the appointments in real estate and managing the properties are the 2 biggest pain points.

Manage all the different event types in real estate with 1 tool.
The system will let customers book appointments online without gaps between your meetings.

This results in extra time and more efficient bookings. Not only for you but your customers will like it as well!

Form Builder

By asking the right questions to your potential customers you will get to know them better. Endless emails to ask important questions is a thing of the past.

Have you been capturing all the information about your visitors? Perhaps not?

With our marketing automation feature, you can collect all the information from the forms and add them to your favorite marketing tools.

We build forms for you, customized for your needs but don’t worry this system allows you to easily create and manage them yourself.

Property Calendars

We received exciting comments when we first launched this idea towards our real estate customers. One calendar system designed especially for real estate companies to serve all property types?!

Future Calendar was the solution to save hours of emailing and calling.  Our solution was developed with over 100 real estate agents needs in mind, from a sales, rental, and new-build perspective.

We create property calendars on auto-pilot. The system recognizes the type of property and set the preferences for the property connected to the right real estate agent.

With our Teamwork functionality, you can add your team to a project or define them per single unit.

Features for workflows.

Marketing Automation

Did you ever follow-up with your visitors using smart marketing notifications or re-marketing tools? Today the focus is on the seller leads but what if we follow up with all your leads?

Our decision has been made, once we onboard you as a customer we will connect for free all the data with 1 of your marketing tools.

Connect ActiveCampaignMailchimpCampaignMonitor, Future-Mail, CM.COM, and many more.

Create a list of visitors and send them after the meeting notifications to leave a review in Trustpilot or ask them important questions and turn them into buyers or sellers.


Through our comprehensive API Documentation everyone can connect our service with your existing CRM provider. We have direct solutions for ZillowWhiseZabunOmnicasaMax-Immo,

 SweepbrightSkarabeeSalesforce, and much more. Not a developer?

We know exactly what your software is capable of doing. Our system is built for smooth and fast workflows.

We collect data from your systems to auto-generate calendars on demand. If you are not a developer then our team of highly skilled developers got you covered!

Future Calendar API

When you connect your software API with our Future Calendar API your superpowers will be activated. Our system will put all the data at the right place on your website. 

We will place the calendars on the website on auto-pilot, say goodbye to manual scheduling!

Later this year we also connect Facebook so that properties will be published live on Facebook marketplace with the booking-link. Our chatbot will deliver the right link of the property when interacting.

Did you know that we can auto-generate a QR code you can use in brochures or projects live to let people book a meeting for that property?

Features to impress.


Want to convert more visitors to leads and give them a smooth and impressive experience? This video chat tool will take your website to the next level.

Would you like to give the chat a personal touch and make them visible on the property page?  Or perhaps you would choose for one assistant that serves all your online visitors?

We added this feature on the list to make sure that your visitors experience a quick and seamless onboarding process.

By the way, did we mention you can expect your scheduling related email and phone calls to drop by ~30% so there is more time for other important things.

Discover our demo’s.


Set the owner availability directly in your real estate software and the calendar automatically appears on the property page. 


No more gaps between meetings. We only show upcoming time-slots for your online visitors.


New build projects with 48 units will receive 1 calendar. Connect more agents to a single project and work together.

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