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Step 1 - Set-up your account

What we will do:

✔︎ Setup an online meeting
✔︎ Create your branded (white-labeled) account
✔︎ On-board your team members
✔︎ Send a support email to your web designer / agency
✔︎ Give access to our API Documentation
✔︎ Invite you and your team members to create the video

Option: Our developers can do a FREE research for the implementation of your website.

Step 2 - Brand your account

What we will do:

✔︎ Add your logo 
✔︎ Add your company colours
✔︎ Create a proper brand aligned email signature
✔︎ Create forms for sales, rentals, new-build projects
✔︎ Create your VideoChat 

Support: Our developers will setup communication between your web-design agency for a smooth process.

Step 3 - Giving you superpowers

What we will do:

✔︎ Connect the Future Calendar SmartTime engine
✔︎ Activate calendar creation automation (auto-pilot)
✔︎ Activate the rental manager / agents
✔︎ Connect your Email marketing

Support: Our developers will setup communication between your web-design agency for a smooth process.

Step 4 - Check-up

What we will do:

✔︎ Check with your web-design agency
✔︎ Plan an online meeting before getting started
✔︎ Run some quality assurance tests
✔︎ Fine-tune the product / engine to fit your business.

Support: Our Customer Success team will make sure to run some User Acceptance tests with your team directly before going live.

Step 5 - Live

What we will do:

✔︎ Give you awesome video-support 
✔︎ Activate your calendar system so you can TAKE OFF 🚀

Yearly Discount

01-10 users -5%
 11-15 users -15%
16-25 users -20%
26-35 users -25%
35 + users Custom

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brand?

A brand is an organizations identity, same as the website URL, the colours, the name, etc.  Some bigger organizations have different concepts within their organization of their own brand and marketing.  

A real estate organization counted as 1 brand can be for example ‘Real Estate Company Executives’ whereby they are listing properties for sales, rentals and new build projects under their specific brand.

Who is doing the implementation on my website?

With our comprehensive API documentation your web-designer can implement Future Calendar with ease. We know that not all websites are made easily and that our experts may need to step into this process. Before we start, our team will review your site and provide pricing to make a custom implementation. You can then decide to let us take care of the implementation into your website or use your marketing agency.

Can Future Calendar help me with other integrations?

Yes, Yes, Yes!

We are proud to say that we are a part of Future Marketing Agency based in Antwerpen, Belgium. Located in the IoT Hub we can ensure you that innovation is our daily habit. We have developed products to scale your real estate agency to the next level. Custom built integrations are the things we love to take care of. 

Contact our support team or visit Future Marketing Agency.

Why choose Future Calendar?

Watching the market we see that services like Calendly, Skedify  are not providing the right solutions for real estate. We did not reinvent the wheel again. Instead of doing that we built a powerful engine designed specifically for real estate. Our system is built on top of YouCanBookMe as a service provider integrator. 

We built this solution for a few customers but after the success we now make these functions available for everybody. Get ready and enjoy a solution for a price that has you covered for all your real estate needs.


Can is get a discount?

Yes, if you pay yearly the discount will be counted towards the amount of users you have. 

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