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Rental Calendars on auto-pilot.

No more time-wasting on receiving phone calls or writing emails when publishing a new rental online.

When a new rental is published live, automatically our system will generate a new calendar. The calendar will be connected with the agenda of the responsible sales agent for the property te rent.

We come up with exciting features for rental group meetings or one-on-one meetings. This system is designed to save you time so you can work smart.

✔️  A.I. driven time management system.
✔️  Appointment confirmation module.
✔️  Form builder.

Your agent:

Davis Harolds

A.I. Management

No more waiting! With our SmartTime scheduler customers are encouraged to book neighbouring appointments so you wait less!

Form Builder

Collect important questions with this easy form builder. Use our form builder to understand visitors better and build your customer base.

Property Calendars

Create calendars by event type (e.g.,  sales, rentals, new-build, one-on-one).  Easily “pool” team availability seamlessly to your customers.

Marketing Automation

Send reminders and store important data of your leads. Convert leads with follow-up.


We connect your current real estate software for a better experience and smooth work-flow.

Future Calendar API

Property calendars will be displayed on the website connected to the right real estate agent.

Features to impress

Future Calendar - AI Time management for rental appointments

Artificial Time Management

We have designed unique booking behavior so there are no gaps or endless waits between meetings.

Real Estate Agents and Property Managers will block for example their schedule between 12:00 – 15:00 PM.  

Example: When Jessica books an appointment at 13:00 the following time slots  available on the schedule are limited to 12:45 and 13:15. 

The first booking for that day will automatically set the “baseline” schedule for availability and drive the updates to your online calendar.

Form Builder

The form builder allows you to ask important questions when customers are booking an appointment. The number of questions is not limited so the possibilities are endless.

This feature is especially built to get to know the person behind the appointment better. You can easily cancel or approve appointments based on your form data collection.

Even better, we automate the connection of this information to your marketing assets and you can turn this data into further lead generation and re-targeting campaigns.


Embedded Rental Calendars

Setting you up for success.

Our experience in the Real Estate industry makes us a good fit for all your integrations needs.

✔️  Our professional customer success team makes sure your team is trained and ready from day 1 of go-live.
✔️  Custom integrations are our specialty, we have you covered with 200% confidence.  
✔️  Yep!  More than 30 Real Estate software integrations to our name.

Our Customers

Een koppeling met onze vastgoed CRM Whise en integratie met de videochat zorgt ervoor dat klanten op de website hun afspraak inplannen. Top concept!

Dave Bracke

Zaakvoerder, Altro Vastgoed

Ik heb meer digitale afspraken en meer tijd over. Het systeem werkt vlot bij panden die in de verhuur staan. Dit is de toekomst, een echte aanrader voor iedere makelaar.

Kristof Verstraeten

Zaakvoerder, Century 21 Locus

Future Calendar geeft klanten een vlotte en aangename beleving digitaal. We hebben meer tijd gekregen om te focussen op de klantenrelaties.

Wouter De Hertog

Zaakvoerder, Hertog Makelaars

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